We love data driven digital solutions

The amount of data is growing exponentially, and in this increasingly complex environment, bringing data together is paramount. This is where Enfo comes in. With their niched expertise in managing hybrid platforms, business applications and new digital services, they bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations.

ENFO's website

We love data driven digital solutions

What's the principle behind it?

By improving information flows and developing IT, Enfo creates solutions that generate new and better business for its customers. With business insight, technical expertise and proven methods, Enfo interacts across their areas of expertise to help customers gain control in a digital world and deliver results to their clients.

What we do?

At the beginning of 2016, Enfo launched a new site along with a new positioning, brand promise and graphic identity, all developed in collaboration with Petra and Pyramid. Over the last years we have continued to improve the Customer Experience when interacting with the site, created redesigns and functionalities, updated content and offerings as they evolved.

The solution

The new website is built on Sitecore, fully responsive and are gradually making use of personalized content. We have also integrated HubSpot for marketing automation. The site is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The ever-evolving site is the result of a goal to create not only a state-of-the-art website, but also a whole new business model for web services. The Enfo project is a so-called WaaS (Web as a Service) and stretches over a long period of time, guaranteeing Enfo constant updates and dedicated resources. It really means new dimensions in how to work - in the digital dimension.

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