Strategy & Consultation

Data-driven digital marketing works best when there is a clear vision and measurable goals behind the digital strategy. An efficient digital strategy takes its base in a current situation analysis, includes a vision and measurable goals, strategy and tactics and a plan for continuous optimization. It also takes into account available resources.

First of all, we need to find out where we are and what is already in place. Then, we can begin to develop or optimize the digital strategy. During the analysis, we go through the entire digital ecosystem: the platforms, current web and apps, existing data, data collection methods and the channels used. If there is little data available, we recommend a simpler strategy that can quickly be tested with limited resources. It will help us collect the data we need to create a full strategy.

A full digital strategy includes:

  • A holistic vision of the future, roadmap and benefits
  • Customer data strategies to take advantage of e.g. personalization and customer segmentation
  • Customer insights to gain better customer experiences and new digital services
  • Architecture to select optimized solutions
Strategy & Consultation