Sitecore Content Hub

Full Content Life Cycle – DAM – MRM – PCM - CMP.

Sitecore Content Hub enables you to manage your content and publish to channels that you wish from one integrated solution.

 Sitecore Content Hub Connecting Data Sources and Publishing Channels

Join us for an on-demand webinar. How to manage content from images to campaigns.

As the amount of web users, channels and target groups increases constantly, marketing professionals are under heavy pressure to produce new content. Planning marketing activities requires lots of collaboration, both internal and external with agencies. Managing content such as images and videos takes a lot of time, not to talk about updating product descriptions, and publishing ads and blog posts.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to improve your marketing by organizing digital assets and utilizing them in the most effective ways. We will talk about solutions such as Digital Asset Management (DRM), Marketing Resource Planning (MRM) and Product Content Management (PCM).


Sitecore Content Hub

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Manage all your digital assets such as images, photos, 3D, layouts and videos from one central location. Sitecore Digital Asset Management includes powerful tagging, categorization and search functionalities.
  • You can publish external links of the asset collections to be used by agencies, PR or customers.
  • Full integration to 3rd party technologies such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Digital rights management, ability to restrict access to only needed assets.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

  • Streamline marketing processes by aligning strategy with campaign planning and scheduling
  • Collaboration with internal stakeholders and external agencies
  • Plan campaigns based on target groups, channels and regions

Product Content Management (PCM)

  • In most cases when the product content comes from PDM, ERP or even PIM, content needs to be enriched for use in marketing materials e.g. brochures. With Sitecore PCM you are able to enrich product information or maintain full product data in one system.
  • Sitecore Content Hub enables you to manage both global product information and local information.

Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

  • Create and launch campaigns from one single platform
  • Keep track on publishing with campaign calendars
  • Measure campaign effectiveness with KPI reports and dashboards
  • Push campaigns to websites, social media, print and video channels

Note: From Sitecore Content Hub you can publish digital assets, campaigns and product descriptions to any CMS, commerce platform, social media channel or printed media.

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