Design and user experience

Our digital design process.

We have developed and fine-tuned our design process over several years. We have experience from working with everything from highly complex global websites to campaign sites that boost brand awareness and drive conversion. Many of the phases can be provided as a separate product. Do you need an UX audit of your current platform to see how you can convert more? Do you need a design concept for your business case? Everything can be done.

The main phases of the design process:

  1. Pre study
  2. Digital experience platform
  3. Customer experience design
  4. Design concept and device adaptations
  5. Final design
  6. Design documentation
Design and user experience

Pre study

Defining the challenge

In the pre study phase we analyze data, listen, question, interview, benchmark your competitors and dive deep into your business in order to really understand your challenges and be able to create a final product that is an actual solution.

Digital communication platform

Creating a coherent experience

In order to create a truly coherent experience that permeates your entire digital offer we need to define exactly what that experience should be. When everybody, including editors, copywriters, designers and developers, knows what the main goal of the digital presence is, then we can fine tune it in every stage to ensure the visitors get it too. Is your digital presence all about conversion? Fast, informative, no nonsense? Is it to show that you are the knowledge leader in your market? Vast, informative, ease of use? Is the main target brand awareness? Focus on giving the end user that wow-experience they want to share.

Customer experience design/UX

The experience of functionality

We create user journeys and define user tasks to meet the goals set for the digital product. We design wireframes and do prototyping of advanced functionality to make sure it works perfectly in the end. We map content so we can start with content creation parallel to the design phase and reach the finish line at the same time. Based on your needs we can audit your current solution. Is there a reason why it’s not meeting your goals? We can test our prototypes with your current clients or target groups. Everything to make sure that the final product delivers on all targets.

Design concept and device adaptations

The visual experience

This is where we start shaping the visual experience and the design language of your product. We need to make sure that every piece of it lives and breathes your brand and works together to drive conversion and sales. We need to tell the right story and keep the visitor engaged. All in order to boost your business. We have a client first approach, which means that the platform your visitor focuses on is our foundation for all other adaptations of your digital product whether it’s mobile, desktop or why not their watch?

Final design

Where it all comes together

The final design phase is where each and every component, template and function are worked out in detail. All margins, typeface sizes, icons, call-to-actions, footers, navigation, image sizes, etc. are meticulously drafted, tested and put together for all the defined platforms. Leaving you with a visual manifestation of the final product.

Design documentation

Building the design system

By documenting every part of the final design into a living document, we make sure that the digital experience not only is coherent but will stay that way, and that working with the product is as easy and fast as possible. Accessible to everyone that needs it from content editors to content creators or other vendors, these guidelines should be the backbone of your future digital products.