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B2B commerce in 1 minute

B2B commerce trends


of B2B customers are willing to pay more for improved customer experience. For B2C, 66%


of B2B companies across industry sectors offer ecommerce capabilities


of B2B buyers would change digital channel supplier if their current solution failed to keep up with their needs

B2B customer portals and ecommerce solutions that scale to your needs

Choosing the right digital solution depends on your business and the processes that make it happen. Factors like size, maturity, and business goals determine whether you need a flexible and scalable solution or an out-of-the-box ecommerce platform. We help mid-sized businesses as well as multinationals to define their requirements and choose the solution that best meets their needs.


Provide recommendations based on customer activity and help customers with their preferred solutions.

Empower your sales teams

Give your sales teams the tools and processes to level up their sales efforts, turning them into trusted advisors.

Cut customer service cost

Streamline your customer support with 24/7 self-service solutions, reducing your back-office time while improving customer satisfaction.

Boost up and cross-sell

Expand to segments and markets beyond the reach of traditional sales approaches. Extend your product data reach to external portals and marketplaces.

Automate and optimise processes

Save time on order entries and other transactions, with easy access to updated documentation, stock availability, and order tracking.

Norce are Nordic pioneers of ecommerce, providing microservices and headless, API-based solutions in a true SaaS offering. Norce also offers built-in PIM solutions for complex product configuration management.

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Sitecore OrderCloud is optimised for complex B2B manufacturing segment solutions and B2X marketplaces. The customisable architecture with microservices, API, and headless approach provides flexibility to build 24/7 customer services. This includes flexible check-out processes for B2B.

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Optimizely Configured Commerce is a newcomer in Europe. It offers complex transaction solutions for clients in need of extensive, out-of-the-box functionality and advanced B2B personalisation. Configured Commerce is one of the leading Gartner Magic Quadrant B2B vendors.

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Commercetools targets global enterprises with modern, API-driven microservice architecture. Offering unlimited scalability, Commercetools ranks as Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant among 200+ world-leading ecommerce brands.

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