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Service design and CX

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Service design and customer experience trends


of all people point to CX as a vital factor in their buying decisions


would be more loyal to a brand that understood their need and what they were looking for


feel that a human touch is needed in addition to technology

Our digital design process

In web design, it´s important to combine usability with user experience. Some sites may look great but are difficult to navigate and vice versa. A site with easy navigation may deliver a poor experience, which in return leads to fewer recurrent visitors and less conversions. At Petra, we mix creativity with strategy and a customer-centric approach in order to boost your brand, create a wow-experience and most important of all, build your business through conversions. We can help you with following:


We can help audit your current solution, looking for pain points in user experience, communication flow and visual aesthetics based on your KPI´s and business goals.


We help you get to know your audience and users. What´s going on in your market, what additional value can you provide to your target groups digitally? We´ll help you find out.


There is no better way to evaluate new ideas and features than creating partially or fully functioning prototypes that can be tested against your target audience.

Service design

We help you boost your digital transformation by making your tools work harder for you.

Digital brand design

The process of developing an existing brand can be equally challenging as starting from scratch. Fortunately, we can help you with both.

Design systems

Having a well developed design system is key to keep your design platform coherent when multiple internal and external creators are involved.

Co-creation process

We don´t experience a brand by itself but rather within a complex journey of interactions and experiences. Service design and customer experience are great methodologies to try, track and test design and functionality. Our process can be defined in 5 steps:

  1. 1. Discover: Get insights to better define the problem

  2. 2. Define: Define: Have a clear view of the problem, the goal and the users

  3. 3. Ideate: Find solutions to the problem with insights

  4. 4. Prototype: Make mistakes quickly to succeed faster

  5. 5. Evaluate: Does the solution solve the problem?