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Case: Stora Enso

Evolution of a brand

Stora Enso´s Website
Stora Enso needed to start from scratch with a whole new concept of their digital presence. The goal was to create an intuitive and innovative Customer experience in their main digital channel that could excel their newly launched brand program – “What a tree can do”.

What's the principle behind it?

Stora Enso selected Petra to conduct a pre-study for shaping the next generation of their web presence. The aim was to support the transformation process of building Stora Enso’s brand and to position the company as a world leader in renewable materials.

Given the importance of the web presence, a decision was taken early on to change the outdated content management system platform, rethink the whole structure and approach towards customers and develop a whole new website.

What we do?

In the first phase, we defined a new concept for the next generation of the compiled website, going from 30+ scattered sites into one. We identified high-level functional and technical requirements and built a top-level prototype indicating the intent for the new website. This required not only a major consolidation of existing websites, it also concerted a way of how to communicate the new brand program. Petra was a part of the whole process offering all services covering; analysis, project and content strategy, development, implementation and launch activities. Now, for the running solution we are handling application management, maintenance and support. We are proud to have been a part of creating the truly customer-centric approach that Stora Enso was aiming for. We are also happy to be a partner in the new digital route for one of the premier companies in the Nordics. The new website is built on Sitecore XP 9.3.

Stora Enso
The work we have done has really paid off.
- Charlotta Rodell-Andersson, Digital Brand Experience Manager, Stora Enso
Kimmo Kanerva
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