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Case: SSAB

Digitalization to drive customer processes

SSAB's website
SSAB is a global company specializing in advanced, high-strength steel products as well as construction solutions for the building industry. Since acquiring the Finnish company Ruukki in 2014 - SSAB operates its business under three brands: SSAB, Tibnor and Ruukki Construction. Mergers of large corporations always create challenges. Product ranges need to be harmonized along with all other business processes. And everything must be presented in a uniform way that gives the customer the impression that one plus one equals three.

What's the principle behind it?

The public web pages are the main channels to present SSAB's new structure and product offering. With around 2.5 million visitors per year, they are considered to be business critical. The digitization of many of SSAB's marketing functions has become a great success. It shows what can be done to create the best customer experience. As a specialized, global steel company with a vision to help create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world, SSAB has taken advantage of the benefits of digitization of marketing processes and information flows. The new purchase process for B2B companies (as well as legislation related to public companies) increases the importance of having really effective tools and channels to digitize as many of these information flows as possible.

What we do?

SSAB's global website consists of 30 local sites/language versions launched in 2015 and 2016. The new site is built on Sitecore 8.2, in a 10-server solution. It is fully responsive and utilizes every opportunity for personalized content and customer dialogue using the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Cristoffer Crusell
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