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Case: Purmo

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Purmo Group is the leader in sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions, specializing in heating and cooling solutions such as radiators, towel warmers, underfloor heating, convectors, valves and controls. Purmo Group started a large scale brand project in early 2019 to renew the corporate brand, to establish the first-ever global company intranet and to consolidate all commercial brands under one brand umbrella and one company identity.

Previously, the corporate website represented the old company brand, internal communications was maintained through email and various internal newsletters. All commercial brands managed their digital presence independently and without PIM (Product Information Management).

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How to ensure the new web pages reflect the new Purmo Group corporate identity? How to build an engaging company intranet, accessible to all employees in all countries, in all company languages? How to improve digital efficiency and manage customer experience and product information globally? How to manage customer experience and leads across various commercial brands? Working with heating and cooling solutions means a huge amount of technical data and product information that needs to be managed in a systematic manner globally, using rich product data on various websites.  The challenge was thus how to create a digital platform that would serve different brands, be manageable globally, but still offer local independency and relevancy. From content management perspective, the challenge was how to use the data across several platforms, but still maintain different commercial brands. 


The implemented solution included a holistic digital platform to meet internal communication needs, but also digital engagements with customers and lead management. Using a harmonized design and Sitecore components across different platforms made building the sites fast and cost effective. From an editor point of view, one unified platform makes content update work much easier.

Corporate website

  • The aim was to build a consistent corporate identity of one, unified Purmo Group. As a company built on mergers over decades, this would also strengthen the internal feeling of being one company.

  • The project started with the creation of a Sitecore foundation. Then followed the implementation of Azure PaaS cloud solution for automated deployments and release management.

  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) helped create components that could be used across all websites.


  • The aim of the intranet was to enhance the corporate culture of one global company. Emphasis was laid on conveying Purmo Group strategy as well as globally and locally relevant news to the entire organization, including all production employees.

  • Profiled content was added based on the location and language preferences of the person.

  • The intranet also included use of social media for added engagement such as “likes” and sharing of content.

  • We added the possibility to show intranet news on factory info screens.

  • Production employees each have login credentials that allow access with any device, either laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Commercial brands

  • We created one harmonized Sitecore platform to accommodate all the commercial brands in different languages and countries. The same components are used across different brands, but the platform serves different product data from the PIM (InRiver) and content based on the products and brands that are sold in each country.

  • New design and user experience were created to accommodate different brands and needs of the different target groups such as designers, end users and purchasers.

  • Omegapoint created a PIM middleware to offer website with JSON files that are easy to integrate to the pages, but at the same time give flexibility to make modifications in the PIM.

Technical solutions

  • InRiver (PIM) and PIM middleware

  • Sitecore XP

  • Sitecore SXA

  • Azure DevOps

  • Azure PaaS

  • Languagewire translation module


  • Improved brand awareness towards all stakeholders (reach, engagement, conversion) through systematic content and SEO optimization.

  • Aiming to Improve overall customer satisfaction – easier to find information related to solutions and products. Easy to get in contact with various Purmo Group brands.

  • Targeting enhanced sales through new online customer acquisitions and cross selling possibilities.

  • Increased efficiency of PG marketing teams.

  • Enhanced internal processes in managing content, translations and promoting products.

  • Through the new intranet, enhanced employee experience thanks to better and more open and transparent communication and higher engagement in company-wide and personnel matters.

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