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Case: Perstorp

One molecule can change everything

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From being a small Swedish family business the 135 year old company Perstorp has grown into a world leading speciality chemicals group with manufacturing in Asia, Europe and North America with around 1600 employees. The head office is in Malmö and they have their roots in Perstorp, Skåne.

What's the principle behind it?

In a quite traditional industry there was an opportunity to create a huge impact through a profound graphical and communicative change to reflect the new brand. “A successive evolution” became “profound revolution” and the result was a new brand book, visual guidelines as well as a new communication platform.

What we do?

We put together a workgroup with specialists on brand development, communication and everything digital and let the magic of creation begin. The result, the communication concept “One molecule can change everything” that permeates every deliverable from the new graphical identity, conceptual development, to internal brand site, annual report sites, brochures and events.

We have just begun so make sure to keep an eye out for Perstorp. A company of dedicated visionaries and brave ones at that.

Hard work pays off and as a testament to that Perstorp has been nominated to the 2019 Signum brand award.

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Perstorp case quote
"It was when a colleague exclaimed "Finally, we look like the Perstorp I always know we were!" that I knew we were on the right track.
- Anna Carlsson, Brand Communications Manager & Art Director, Perstorp
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