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Case: Ecophon

One strategy - Many channels

Ecophon´s Website
Saint-Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic systems that contribute to a good working environment and by that to human well-being and performance. Their promise - A sound effect on people - permeates everything they do. Ecophon operates in 14 countries and has representatives in 30 other countries worldwide. Headquartered in Hyllinge, outside of Helsingborg, the company employs around 750 people. Ecophon is part of Saint-Gobain Group.

What's the principle behind it?

With 20 technicians proficient in acoustics and extensive experience from the industry, Ecophon is an acoustic knowledge bank. The challenge is to spread knowledge within three focus areas: Office, Education and Health. The target groups are all those who are concerned in acoustics – designers, specifiers and installation technicians.

What we do?

For each target group there are different channels:
Various blogs that influence within each focus area:

  • Sound School

  • Acoustic Bulletin

The commercial site, Ecophon.com is the channel where most efforts are concentrated on. Since 2014, functionality has continously been added to the site. In 2017 a quantification tool was developed. The tool is feed with data from the PIM-system via a middle-ware. This year we developed an advanced Acoustic Calculator which helps customers calculate accurate acoustic values. The site runs on Episerver 11.x.

Cristoffer Crusell
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