We do what we want - every day

Become a part of the Petra family and you’ll be surrounded by insanely skilled developers, project managers with olympic medals in kanban and designers who knows how to put a pixel straight every day, because that’s what we want to. If you share our philosophy and have the talent to back it up, don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH WITH US.

Spontaneous application

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Why work at Petra

You get to work with some of the greatest clients and colleagues.

You are also very likely to stumble.

We have flexible work hours and you get to decide were you want to work most of the week.

We work hard and play nice. It’s nice to be nice.

You will get new friends. It’s impossible not to.

They will all be nerds though. Because nerds are the best.

Cristoffer, our CEO has a great sense of humor.

Yeah, he forced me to write that.

Meet some petrians

Sofia Lindevall

Sofia Lindevall

What is the best thing about working at Petra?

Meet petrian Sofia Lindevall
Tom Stevens

Tom Stevens

How would you describe the atmosphere at the Petra office?

Meet petrian Tom Stevens