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Why is B2B ecommerce important


Ecommerce within B2B is growing fast, and it is crucial for companies to include it in their strategy to become more successful and competitive on the market.

Three benefits with B2B ecommerce are:

Increased sales:
  • By having a great ecommerce platform, you can reach out to a broader audience, which in return can increase the sales.

Cost efficiency:
  • Since the selling process is automated, ecommerce decreases labour costs and eliminates human errors, which can be expensive with bigger B2B orders.

Improve customer experience:
  • Ecommerce provides updated information about products and service. It also gives you more knowledge about the customers’ needs.

Petra knows the importance of having an outstanding ecommerce site and we have therefore decided to partner up with Ucommerce. We will discuss more about why we have chosen to partner up with them and how we can use their platform to help you with different challenges.

What is Ucommerce and how do we work with it?

Ucommerce is a dominant ecommerce platform that is fully embedded in Umbraco. It offers a way to build online stores that are unique and tailored to each customer’s needs. With Ucommerce you can have different web shops, products and content all on the same platform, making it easy to manage. It is also flexibility, allowing us at Petra use to continuously update and upgrade the software.

Having used Ucommerce for a while, we at Petra have become experts at using and implementing the platform. We can help you build an impressive ecommerce site, which, in turn, leads to more visitors and conversions. It’s important to stay on top of new trends, and through our service, we can assure that your ecommerce site does just that.

Why did we choose Ucommerce?

It is of high importance for us to choose a partner that shares our values and can work in alignment with Petra’s goals. Our motto is to always connect heart with minds and by that we want to make every customer feel heard and get the solutions that fits them best. We need a partner that understands this and can collaborate with us to reach our goals and meet our customers’ expectations.

Every customer is different and unique and therefore needs different and unique solutions. That is why we have chosen Ucommerce as our partner and we are proud to tell that we are their Gold Partner.

Every customer is different and unique and therefore needs different and unique solutions.

Kimmo Kanerva
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