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How to train a digital goldfish

Digital marketing

According to some research, the memory of a goldfish is 9 seconds. In comparison, the attention span of a human is 8 seconds. Our behaviour especially in the digital sphere is making us much more like a digital goldfish. An endless stream of information and imagery is constantly shifting our focus. Strategic thinking in digital marketing is therefore more important than ever. So how do we retain the allusive attention of our target group?

Be clear

Our shortened attention span is perhaps best reflected in the rise of short-form video content. The trend that started on TikTok has since moved on to both Instagram and YouTube. This has highlighted the importance of clear and concise messaging.  Keep it short, and simple, and communicate clearly. An ad needs to be able to catch our attention in 2 seconds.

What action do we want our target group to take? An unclear call-to-action often leads to confusion. Do you want your target group to download a white paper? Use read more as the call-to-action. Clear direction helps us navigate through the noise. Align the messaging with the action you want your target group to take and have a landing page that reflects that.

Be consistent

We remember things we recognize more easily. As we live in a sea of information, being consistent in our digital marketing efforts is more relevant than ever. Regular posts on social media combined with paid media initiatives are therefore needed to reinforce your brand and help you stay top-of-mind of your target audience.

Consistency also relates to tone. Adapt it to the channel you are using. The increased popularity and growing demographic of TikTok makes it an intriguing channel for every marketeer. The content we share on TikTok should differ from that on LinkedIn and vice versa. We need to be aware of the mind frame our target audience is in while using different channels.

Consistent messaging will help you build trust and credibility. However, building relationship takes time.

Be patient

While our attention span has significantly shortened our decision-making process has not. We are still slightly more complex compared to shiny fish. Clear and consistent messaging is crucial to establish a strong brand image and build trust with the target audience. 

However, it is important to understand that achieving results through digital marketing is not an instant process. It requires a lot of testing, experimentation, and data analysis to find out what works and what doesn't. Patience is therefore essential in all digital marketing efforts. It allows for a thorough understanding of the audience and helps identify areas for improvement. By being patient and persistent, you can gradually improve your digital marketing campaign results, and achieve long-term success.

Nicolina Gruner
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