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Petra Graal Customer Days

News - 05.24.2023

Designing Customer Experience through Data Driven Insights

We at Petra and Graal are thrilled to share the outstanding success of our recent customer event “Designing Customer Experience through Data Driven Insights” which we held at our office in Helsingborg last week. This year the focus of the event was on the remarkable potential of content, data and marketing in maximizing the customer experience. The days brought together a gathering of esteemed customers who joined us in our journey towards creating unforgettable customer interactions.

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Höganäs AB Case
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Case: Höganäs

Höganäs B2B Customer Portal

Höganäs AB is a long-time proponent of customer portals. They have been utilizing the concept towards customers for many years. In early 2021 they identified a need to update and modernize their portal approach to better meet the customer needs and increase their service offer towards key customers.

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