From strategy to solution

Petra is a strategic web agency that operates on all digital fronts - from developing in-depth strategies to producing websites, apps and social media campaigns.
Innovations in web technology are cranking out more exciting new options by the minute. But it's hard to tell which ones suit your business. We'll help you figure out the most effective way to build relationships with the right people.


Where are you going – and why?
Defining your strategy starts with defining goals. Where do you want to go and why? Based on those answers, we develop a web strategy ideally suited to your business and communication needs.
Web/business strategy
Where do you stand? How do you compare with the competition? What are you aiming for? Together, we evaluate your position and analyze the state of your industry. This forms the basis for a digital strategy for success. That could mean anything from your overall online approach to a focused digital launch.
Social media
How can your company take advantage of the power of social media? The right approach can earn you loyal customers that will follow you through thick and thin. We can help you avoid the many social media pitfalls and find the activities that will give you the best results, which could be anything from focusing on customer service to creating new sales channels.
Project leadership
Our project leaders have decades of experience running large, complex projects for international brands. We’re happy to contribute our project-leading resources for the entirety or parts of a project.
We love spreading knowledge and starting conversations through speaking engagements and workshops. Our specialty areas include: trends in digital communication, social media and how to strengthen your brand online.


The right message in the right place
Creating an effective solution comes down to finding the right combination of communication and technology. Doing a good job of one or the other is easy. Making them work in harmony is tricky. Achieving your goals demands strong ideas based on an understanding of your audience and the technology to bring the message to life. Functionality, content and user experience form the core of our solutions. What you want to accomplish with those tools determines which channels we choose.
Our web solutions run the gamut from global corporate sites that make huge amounts of information easily accessible, to light and efficient sites for smaller companies.
An intranet or extranet that’s engaging and user-friendly simplifies day-to-day communication between employees, customers and partners.
Mobile solutions
All of our solutions are built on mobile-friendly platforms. We also make a lot of fun and engaging mobile apps, from games that give customers a more exciting view of your products to apps that support a sales force.
We develop e-commerce sites large and small where an exceptional user-experience is a must for driving sales.
Successful campaigns are founded on an understanding of your customers and which channels are the most effective for connecting with them. We create all aspects of a campaign, from campaign sites that facilitate the buying process to traffic-driving banners.
Social media
We design and develop content across all types of social media to help you get a two-way exchange started with your customers.


The foundation of functionality
In-depth technical understanding is the foundation for creating smart functionality. And smart functionality is the key to an effective web solution. A good website has lots of visitors and frequent updates. That means it has to be both easy for you to work with and compelling to the visitor. It must have interesting content and be simple to find whatever you’re looking for. We can help you achieve that whether you need a huge site with an advanced CMS or a smaller site based on open source code. Which solution is right for you depends on your goals.
Architecture/Systems design
A well thought-out architecture creates a stable and efficient solution that can, for example, provide single-source publishing from several databases and handle multiple language versions of the site.
Development (CMS and applications)
We develop everything from huge multi-national web solutions to the simplest of apps. Our developers are certified experts in major CMS platforms like Sitecore and EPiServer. We also work with open source code like Composite C1 and WordPress. We have a long history of integrating .NET framework with business systems, product databases, CRM-systems and search engines.
Tech support
We can provide support for a wide range of needs, from troubleshooting in advanced CMS settings to server configuration and hosting. And with access to our web-based management system, reporting and follow-up are a snap.


Building relationships takes time
The real challenge starts after your digital solution is launched. Customers, partners and employees are unforgiving when it comes to things working like they should and information being accurate. We’ll help you figure out what search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics you should adopt and if search engine marketing (SEM) is something for you. Our goal is to provide the continuous support you need to get maximum payback from your web assets.
Content management
By having regularly updated content, e.g. news and campaigns, you show that your site is living and dynamic, you hook people into coming back and boost your search engine results. We’ll help you keep things flowing by developing and maintaining content according to a structured plan, whether it’s for your website, blog or Facebook page.
Search engine optimization (SEO)
It’s not only important that search engines find your site, but that those clicks are from the right people. We work with a wide array of tools and techniques to get you to the top of the SERP (search engine results page).
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Search engine marketing is when you pay to increase your presence in search results, e.g. buying sponsored links (like Google's AdWords).
We collect relevant data about your web properties and put together reports that form the basis for future marketing and optimization efforts.
Based on your needs, we tailor a unique training program. That can include anything from social media and content production to the finer points of working in your CMS.


Our method
Our work is based on a proven method that follows eight steps. Here’s the short version:
1. Define
Together, we define the ambitions of the project. How deep should we dig in developing the strategy? What are the goals? How far does our part go?
2. Knowledge
The project is launched with an all-day workshop. The first half establishes the current situation, existing strategies and goals. The second half goes into specifics about the target and we make a number of strategic decisions about how to proceed. The main purpose is to get your whole organisation on board with the project’s goals and gain as much insight and as many ideas as possible to work from. This information gathering is often complemented with customer interviews.
3. Strategic analysis and digital communication platform
We boil all of the information down into a strategic platform that summarizes the present situation and specifies guidelines for the solution.
4. Solution
We then develop a creative solution and establish how it will work across different media and what technology is needed to support the communication. The solution is presented in design sketches and technical specifications that document how the various units will be developed.
5. Production
The approved solution is produced in-line with the specifications, time plan and quote.
6. Internal launch
The first place you need to sell the idea is internally. An internal campaign is often required to keep all employees informed, focused and enthusiastic leading up to the external launch.
7. External launch
The solution is rolled out across all markets.
8. Track and analyze performance
We measure the results of all activities and then reassess the goals.

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