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Long-term success depends on relationships. Twenty years of developing strategic digital solutions for many of Sweden’s top brands have convinced us of that.

Innovations in web technology are cranking out more exciting new options by the minute. But it’s hard to tell which ones suit your business. We’ll help you figure out the most effective way to build relationships with the right people.


 We specialize in digital communication – from comprehensive strategies to producing websites, apps and social media campaigns.

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Beneath an ocean of stars in the velvet blackness of the desert night, there wandered a group of nomads. They made camp in the shelter of the Arabah Valley. The valley stretched from the Dead Sea down to the Gulf of Aqaba. There among the towering, copper-tinged sandstone formations, it dawned on these nomads that they were standing inside a natural fortress with ready access to water. They also found themselves at the intersection of trade routes between Gaza to the west, Bosra and Damascus to the north, Eilat on the shore of the Red Sea, and the road through the desert to the Gulf of Persia.

It was there Petra was founded. For the next two thousand years, it would serve as the capital of the Nabataean Empire. During this Golden Age, Petra became the centre of the world’s trade in silk, myrrh, frankincense and gold. But the Nabataeans weren’t just clever businessmen skilled at keeping the peace in their empire. They were also innovative engineers who invented solutions which continue to amaze even today.

Their water system, complete with cisterns, pipes and an ingenious design based on water pressure, didn’t spill a drop. Today's Petra contains the ruins of Nabataean architectural wonders like temples, royal tombs and an amphitheatre that used to be filled with 5,000 raucous spectators. Many of the buildings were carved straight out of the sandstone cliffs and covered with richly detailed art.


Petra was eventually absorbed into the Roman Empire, trade routes began shifting elsewhere and earthquakes devastated the city. In the Middle Ages, Petra was abandoned and fell by the wayside of history.


But the spirit of the Nabataeans and their peaceful nature, international business sense and cutting-edge technology live on as inspiration for the web agency Petra in Helsingborg.




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We help you succeed

Investing in communication is like investing in anything – you do it to get a profitable return.


At Petra, we don’t use cool new technology just because we can. There has to be a strategic goal. But thanks to our inquisitive and playful nature, we often find solutions using exciting new technology to accomplish your goals. Technical innovation (usually) aspires to simplify and improve on an existing solution. Your communication should aspire to the same thing.


Every company has its own story to tell. So why is there so much communication that looks so similar out there? Well, for a few different reasons.

One is simply not knowing what options exist – we’ll help you find the right ones.


Another is being stuck in old routines – we can help you make a change.


Or maybe you haven’t seen the power of finding new ways to communicate your offer – we can show you.


All of our work is focused on helping you build fruitful relationships with your customers. We love to see you succeed as much as we love digital communication. You just need to take the plunge.